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Photo: Kirill Kliavin


Honeysmack is an electronic musician hailing from Melbourne, Australia. He has been actively producing music and performing live Techno for almost 3 decades, earning a reputation as one of Australia's leading electronic music pioneers. Honeysmack's music grew from the underground rave scene of the early 90s, combining Acid and Techno to create a unique sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Labelled a maverick artist who brings a punk-rock aesthetic and philosophy to electronic music. He has released numerous albums and EPs, toured extensively and completed a PhD in Acid Techno! Honeysmack's live performances are known for their high-energy and improvisational nature, incorporating hardware such as synthesizers and drum machines.

David Haberfeld, his real name, firmly believes the essence of electronic dance music resides in a live improvised approach, very different to DJing. Equal parts performer, producer, prankster, punk and disrupter; Honeysmack’s reputation for challenging audiences by pushing the parameters of how Techno is presented is consistent throughout his work. Honeysmack surrounds himself with an arsenal of drum machines and synths for every performance. This is LIVE improvised Acid Techno, performed live on the dancefloor. Honeysmack is not a DJ, there are no laptops, no records, no CDJs and no USBs, just pure live electricity!

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Photo: Melissa Butters



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