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Photo: Kirill Kliavin


Dr David Haberfeld is Honeysmack, the doctor of live Acid Techno. Labelled a maverick producer and performer who brings a punk-rock aesthetic and philosophy to electronic music. He firmly believes the essence of electronic dance music resides in live improvised performance. Honeysmack has significantly contributed to Australia’s electronic dance music community for 3 decades. Equal parts performer, producer, prankster, punk, disrupter and academic, but all electronic – Honeysmack’s reputation for challenging audiences by pushing the stylistic parameters of Techno is common throughout his work.

His dynamic performances and productions are purely hardware based and centre on Roland’s iconic machines of the 1980s including the TB-303, TR-909 and TR-808. These machines were pivotal in the development of electronic dance music, and David continues to explore new contexts with these vintage machines with a mix of new hardware and modular synthesis.

His work as an energetic and colourful live electronic act has earned him rare respect on the Australian live rock and EDM circuits in the 1990s with his punk approach and attitude. David’s work engages audiences with a liveliness that is totally improvised, unique and distinctly Honeysmack– best experienced live!

​Every Honeysmack performance and release are pure improvisations with an arsenal of drum machines and synths. There are no laptops, there are no records, there are no CDJs, there are no USBs, this is not DJing, this is LIVE Acid Techno performed and produced in the moment! His PhD in music composition focused on how he creates Acid Techno bangers in real-time!

As an accomplished artist and academic he embodies a diverse mix of experiences and continues to explore and challenge new thinking around music, sound, media arts and experimenting with creativity more broadly.

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